About The Foundation

About the Foundation


To facilitate individual and collective growth through initiatives that – 1) Restore a strong family unit, 2) Provide economic empowerment through entrepreneurship, 3) Encourage education and life skill development, and 4) Enhance spiritual growth


Fatherhood Programs

“Father Knows Best” Basketball Tour (FKB) - A unique combination of basketball and relationship activities that supports effective fatherhood and mentoring – currently touring NYC’s 5 boroughs with the iStar Charity Foundation.

FISLL Curriculum - Seven-week program that strengthens relationships using themes of Faith, Integrity, Sacrifice, Leadership & Legacy.

“Tickets Together” Program - Essay contest where pairs of FKB & FISLL participants experience Knicks games at Madison Square Garden.


- Over 2,500 FKB participants served in 10 cities over 8 years
- 95% of FISLL participants gained valuable relationship tools; 97% gained a “great deal” or “good amount”; and 95% improved their relationships
- Deeper relationship issues referred to social service orgs

Visit the FKB Nation Participant Network for the latest news and activities about our fatherhood programs!


Entrepreneurship Programs

Business Education & Development Program (BEDP) - Six month curriculum to empower young adult entrepreneurs with education, mentoring and business plan writing.

Small Business Incubator - Additional year of support to BEDP graduates providing start-up capital, office space and advisors to launch their businesses.


- 137 young entrepreneurs trained in 2 cities over 2 years
- 93 new business enterprises created by participants
- 80% of participants increased their income; 83% gained financial independence; 91% improved their self esteem; and 92% improved the quality of their life

Visit the BEDP Online Participant Network for the latest news and activities about our entrepreneurship program!

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